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Admission Requirements


  • Scanned original copy along with notarized English translated copies if needed of one of the following:
    • The National Senior High School Examination with a minimum grade of 65% or C in relevant subjects (School Leaving Certificate), OR Graduation Certificate awarded by senior (upper) middle school (or higher); may be academic or vocationally oriented with a minimum of C or 65% in relevant subjects;
  • High school (or higher) transcripts must show all courses completed and grades achieved for all years of study;
  • Personal letter (200-300 words) detailing your abilities, purpose and motivation for studying at Canadian College of Traditional Chinese Medicine, or take an interview with the director of CCTCM;
  • Non-refundable $250 application fee

Language Requirement

English proficiency will be assessed during the interview process. Additional proof of English writing and reading skills may be requested at a later date if necessary. Proficiency in English is important to successfully participate in theory classes as well as to perform adequately at the teaching clinic where students take charge of patients and dispense treatment.

Credit Transfer


  • You must have achieved a minimum course grade of 60% to be considered
  • Each course you have completed must be more than 60 hours or equivalent to the course you wish to transfer.
  • Official transcript and course outline for each course you wish to transfer credit must be provided and the official transcript must contain the institution, student and course name.
  • For any credential completed outside Canada must be provided with verified transcripts and evaluation reports from World Education Services (WES)
  • You may be asked to pass assessment tests for some courses in order to transfer credit accordingly. You will be notified after submitting your credit transfer request.
  • You mustn’t audit the target course at CCTCM before you take the assessment test. 

When and how to apply:

  • Fill out a credit transfer request, and send it back to: at least 14 business days prior to start the courses you wish to transfer credit
  • Admin office will arrange a date with you for credit transfer assessment tests if required
  • If you fail to provide required documents or pass the tests, the credit transfer request will be refused.

Please note: information regarding credit transfer is subject to change.

Students may request credit transfer for courses regardless of when there were completed. However, CCTCM reserves the right to deny credit transfer requests for courses completed more than 5 years ago based upon current relevancy of course content.