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The maintaining of a healthy balance, very crucial in prolonging and extending people’s lives, has been a struggle from ancient times till now. Many changing factors create an image of an individual’s welfare/overall health. The underlying causes of aging are many, and the struggle to relieve the symptoms is a continuous effort.
This workshop will introduce highly effective techniques of facial rejuvenation which will provide simultaneous benefit on the outside appearance and all health in general.
Learning Outcomes:
•How to customize facial rejuvenation treatments utilizing an oriental medical approach.
•How to assess which meridians are involved in the aging process.
•Point selection and technique for conditions such as acne, dry skin, age spots, sagging skin, wrinkles, scars, double chins, as well as eye bags and dark circles under the eyes.


Day 1: on Sunday 29th May, 2022
– Full acupuncture demo and practice needling double-chin, sculpting points and scalp points.
Day 2: on Sunday 26th June, 2022
– Full facial acupuncture protocol practice and certification*
***NOTE: You may need to bring along a friend or family member on Sunday from 3-5pm who will be receiving a facial massage and acupuncture treatment by you. You will be provided with certification of achievement after your successful completion of both, written and practical exams.


* Participants must be an ND, TCM practitioner, or other health-care practitioner capable of practicing acupuncture.
* Students in their upper clinical years of any recognized acupuncture programs with a minimum of 200 hours of clinical practice may also attend the course.
*Proof of license or enrolment in a recognized acupuncture program will be requested upon registration.
* You can email and transfer the fee to to secure your spot or pay the cash at the office:
1048 Matheson Blvd E Mississauga. ON L4W 2V2
* Taxes included. NO extra cost.
* Call us at 905-606-0062 or email us to for more information.
* We reserve the rights to change without earlier notice.

Due to current COVID situation, This workshop is delayed with TBD date.


Soothe your Liver with Chinese Medicine principles and yoga movement.

Pandemic getting to you? Body stiff? Losing your ability to be flexible in situations?

According to Chinese Medicine, the Liver is responsible for the smooth flow of qi and blood. If you have felt any of the above – chances are your liver qi is stagnated. Learn how Chinese Medicine for Liver and Gall Bladder can improve your blood flow and daily life.

Find ways to soothe your Liver qi with food, yoga & meditation therapies. This workshop is excellent for patients and practitioners. Learn tools and techniques for yourself or to teach/share with your patients.

Enjoy a 105min Yin yoga & qi gong class with movement and mindfulness to release tension out of both mind and body. Focused areas: psoas, hips, lower lumbar, knees.

No Yoga experience required – All beginners & body types welcome!


Bring your own yoga mat & blanket.
If you have other yoga props (blocks/bolsters/pillow – you may bring but not necessary!)

2.5hrs – (CEUs) Lecture & discussion (45min) and (1h 45min) Movement & Mindfulness practice.

Date: Sunday, April 24 Time: 10-12:30pm

$60 Early bird

$70 Student

$80 Regular price


30min – Lecture of Liver/Gallbladder

105min – Movement (yoga/Qi Gong) & mindfulness

15min –  Discussion of how you can use these techniques in your daily lives. For practitioners, how to incorporate with your patients.

**Tracie is a Registered Acupuncturist with 25 years of yoga practice. She has been teaching various styles of yoga for over 12 years***