Intro to Dermatology

Intro to Dermatology – DERM 3100

In this course, common diseases in TCM dermatology will be discussed: herpes simplex, herpes zoster, warts, superficial dermatomycosis, contact dermatitis, eczema, urticaria, drug rash, neurodermatitis, psoriasis, acne vulgaris, alopecia areata, etc. Instructor may give students more reading materials to cover the diseases which may not be able to cover in class. Diseases will be discussed in the sequences of their causes, pathology, syndromes, diagnosis, treatment plan, herbal formula selections etc.

TCM Illnesses

1 acne (fen ci)

2 acute mastitis (ru yong)

3 alopecia areata (you feng)

4 anal fissure (gang lie)

5 bedsore (ru chuang)

6 boil (ding chuang)

7 breast cancer (ru yan)

8 breast lump (ru pi)

9 carbuncle (yong)

10 contact dermatitis (jie chu xing pi yan)

11 digital gangrene (tuo ju)

12 drug rash (yao wu xing pi yan)

13 eczema (shi chuang)

14 erysipelas (dan du)

15 furuncle (jie)

16 goiter (ying)

17 hemorrhoid (zhi)

18 herpes zoster (she chuan chuang)

19 phlegmon (fa)

20 prostatic hyperplasia (qian lie xian zeng sheng zheng)

21 prostatitis (qian lie xian yan)

22 scrofula (luo li)

23 sebaceous cyst (zhi liu)

45 shank ulcer (lian chuang)

25 tinea (xian)

26 urticaria (yin zhen)

27 varicose veins (jin liu)

28 warts (you)