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Diagnosis of TCM 1 – DIAG 12-1 (60 Hours)

This is the first part of the Diagnosis of TCM. This is 4 diagnosis method. Observation; Face, Tongue, Hand diagnosis method. Listen and smell. Question; Learn the 10 questions and how to obtain subjective information. Palpation; Pulse diagnosis and local palpation.

Establish priorities for assessment and treatment planning.

Identify chief complaint. Elicit patient’s reason(s) for seeking treatment.
Initiate assessment based upon chief complaint. Demonstrate directed interrogation and physical examinations of patient relevant to the chief complaint.
Recognize conditions that require urgent medical treatment, and direct patient appropriately.

Modify assessment strategy based upon emerging information.
Initiate collaboration, consultation or referral as appropriate.

Assess patient

Collect information using wang zhen (TCM diagnostic inspection method).
Collect information using wen zhen (TCM diagnostic inquiry method).
Collect information using wen zhen (TCM diagnostic auscultation and olfaction methods).
Collect information using qie zhen (TCM diagnostic palpation method).