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Clinic – CLIN 1201/2102/2203/2204/3105/3106/3207/3208 (60 hours)

Practice in a manner that accords patient dignity and reflects patient rights.

  • Ensure that patient is aware of treatment plan, its benefits and risks.
  • Ensure ongoing, informed consent.
  • Respect patient rights to privacy and confidentiality.
  • Terminate course of treatment when appropriate.

Practice with professional integrity

  • Practice within limits of expertise.
  • Modify practice to enhance effectiveness.
  • Exhibit professional behaviour.
  • Remain current with developments in acupuncture practice.
  • Remain current with developments in TCM herbology practice.

Maintain patient records

  • Ensure complete and accurate records.
  • Ensure security and integrity of records.

Provide acupuncture treatment

  • Adapt clinical setting to enhance comfort and safety.
  • Position patient for treatment.
  • Locate selected points on patient.
  • Apply treatment techniques.
  • Monitor and respond to patient condition during treatment.

Monitor effectiveness of treatment plan and modify where necessary.

  • Evaluate effectiveness of treatment plan on an ongoing basis.
  • Modify treatment plan to enhance effectiveness.

Educate and counsel patient.

  • Explain etiology and pathogenesis of condition.
  • Explain TCM concepts as they apply to patient condition.
  • Inform patient of possible side effects and reaction to treatment.
  • Advise patient on yu fang and yang sheng (prevention and health preservation)
  • Counsel patient on compliance with treatment recommendations.