Students Testmonials


Tony “Wolfe” Sibbald
(graduated in 2018)
Reiki Master,
Medical Qigong Practioner,

and soon to be Acupuncturist
Top things I love about CCTCM:
Flexible Schedule: As a working family man, the schedule of 2 days a week allowed me to continue to work and get quality family time.
Hands On Experience: We got lots of hands on experience almost from Day One. Really, in my opinion, the very best way to learn.
The smaller size of the classes: It allowed for so much personal attention and interaction.
Convenient Location: Really easy to get to from any direction – it cut down HUGE on my travel time.
Staff & Admin are so nice: Everyone really cared and in today’s world that makes a big difference!
         I can’t believe how much my knowledge increased over my time at CCTCM, and more importantly, it was amazing how much my confidence increased in treating people in clinic.
Charles Chen
(graduated in 2018)

“My experience at CCTCM”
My experience at CCTCM has been one of the most rewarding experiences.
When I first signed up I didn’t know what to expect but the fantastic teachers and classmates empowered me to feel confident in taking control of not only my education, but also my health! Every class pushed me toward changing and improving the lifestyle and health of not only people around me but myself.
The satisfaction I gained from being able to help clients in student clinic when I stress a holistic change to their life beyond acupuncture and herbs is unparalleled to anything I have experienced.
I cannot thank the Canadian College of Traditional Chinese Medicine enough for creating such an inviting and educational atmosphere and to every teacher for sharing their vast knowledge and personal experiences with us.
Thank you so much!