Qi Gong

Qi Gong – QIGO 2200 (60 hours)

This course describes the theoretical basis for Qi Gong and the therapeutic significance of Qi Gong. It will explain the precautions and contraindications related to Qi Gong. This course helps student to learn Qi gong as a method of treat self, and use Qi Gong as a therapeutic method, and prescribe Qi Gong for patient to use as a home care exercise.

You should be able to:

  1. Describe the theoretical basis for qi gong / tai ji .
  2. Describe the therapeutic significance of qi gong / tai ji.
  3. Explain the precautions and contraindications related to qi gong / tai ji.

Maintain practitioner self-care

Maintain personal health and wellness in the context of professional practice.

1 Identify the physical, mental and emotional signs of stress.
2 Describe strategies to reduce stress.
3 Maintain physical, mental and emotional health consistent with provision of effective patient care.

Exhibit professional deportment.

1 Describe the importance of appropriate professional deportment.
2 Maintain personal hygiene.
3 Maintain personal grooming appropriate to practice setting.
4 Dress in a professional manner appropriate to practice setting.