Prescriptions 2

Prescriptions 2 – PRSP 4202 (60 hours)

Apply knowledge of Herbal Formulating strategies second half of all the formulas

Composition of formula

1 Describe the general principles of composition of formulas.

2 Describe the composition of the formulas.

3 Analyse the composition of formulas.

Modification of formula

1 Describe the principles of substitution of formula constituents.

2 Describe the principles of alteration of the ratio of constituents.

3 Describe the principles of changes in dosage form of the formulas.


Functions & classifications

1 Describe the classification system for formulas.

2 identify the classification of the formulas

3 Describe the clinical relevance of each class of formula.

4 Describe the principal actions of formulas

5 Differentiate the actions of formulas within the same class, for formulas

6 Select formula to achieve a specified therapeutic outcome.


Combinations & Compatibility

1 Describe the compatibility and incompatibility of herbs.

2 Describe the therapeutic significance of herbal combinations.

3 Select a combination of herbs to achieve a specified therapeutic outcome.


Dosage form & methods of administration

1 Describe the dosage forms of herbal formulas.

2 Describe the methods of preparation for each dosage form.

3 Describe the methods of administration for herbal formulas.


1 Identify the general dosage ranges of the herbs and the formulas.

2 Determine dosage of herbs to achieve a specified therapeutic outcome.

Potential adverse effects

1 Describe potential adverse effects of herbal formulas.

2 Describe methods to prevent adverse effects.

3 Describe actions to take in the event of adverse effects.

Contraindications & Precautions

1 Describe contraindications for herbal formulas.

2 Describe precautions for herbal formulas.