Best Acupuncture School Toronto

Our Best Acupuncture School Toronto provides students with theory and practice of needling techniques and adjunctive therapies commonly applied during acupuncture including Moxibustion, Cupping, Guasha and other methods. Students will be guided on how to use needling and stimulation techniques. They will practically be introduced with needling of a commonly used point on the four limbs and administering adjunctive therapies.

This course also includes two sections. The first section builds upon the Meridian and Acupoint I, II, III to introduce various methods of point selection and combination. The second section continues to teach advanced acupuncture techniques related to the microsystems of the ear, scalp, eye, face, nose, hand, foot and wrist-ankle. Students will be guided on how to apply previously learned needling and stimulation techniques to these acupuncture systems.

Best Acupuncture School Toronto

As a leader in Traditional Chinese Medicine education in North America Canadian College of Traditional Chinese Medicine is committed to the highest standards of technical and professional training.  Our mission is to advance the Chinese Medicine profession through public education, continuing professional education and graduation of the finest Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioners and Acupuncturists in the field.

Our Best Acupuncture School Toronto curriculum is built from years of experience, through clinical experience and academic research. Our clinical program gives students unparalleled access to different types of people and health conditions. We build confidence and skill through classroom-to-clinic integration and a focus on experiential learning. We provide on-site and off-site placements that include broad access to hospital and rehabilitation settings.

We are a warm, energetic, engaged community of people who appreciate and support each other. Our students come from diverse backgrounds and walk of life. Our faculty is experts with wide-ranging clinical practices and an average of more than ten years teaching experience. We are dedicated to promoting our patients’ health, our students’ success, and our graduates’ careers.