Meridian and Points 1

Meridian and Points 1 – MERP 1101 (60 hours)

This course introduces students to the theory of jing luo and shu xue (channels, collaterals, and acupuncture points). It describes the components of the jing luo system, including its distribution and interconnections, and the functions of the jing luo system in physiology and pathology. Describe the general features and functions of acupuncture points. Describe the symptoms and signs associated with disorders of the jing luo system.

  • jing wai qi xue (extra points) 經外奇穴
  • wu shu xue (five transporting points) 五輸穴
  • yuan xue (source points) 原穴
  • luo xue (connecting points) 絡穴
  • xi xue (cleft points) 郄穴
  • bei shu xue (back transport points) 背俞穴
  • mu xue (front / mu points) 募穴
  • xia he xue (lower sea points) 下合穴
  • ba mai jiao hui xue (eight confluent points) 八脈交會穴
  • ba hui xue (eight (influential) points) 八會穴
  • zi mu xue (mother / child points) 子母穴
  • jiao hui xue (channel crossing points) 交會穴
  • a shi xue (ah shi points) 阿是穴