Internal Medicine 1

Internal Medicine 1 – INTR 2201 (60 hours)

This is the first part of Internal Medicine. This course will concentrate first half of the 47 diseases that CTCMPAO has set out for the Pan-Canadian Exam. This course will explore the TCM diagnosis of these diseases and treatment principles. Using these treatment principles, we will discuss Acupuncture and/or Herbal and Formula treatments.

Integrate TCM and biomedical concepts

A Relate biomedical information concerning patient’s condition and treatment to TCM state of health.

1 Describe the relationship between biomedical diagnosis and TCM diagnosis.

2 Relate the actions of acupuncture to general biomedical concepts.

3 Relate the actions of herbal treatment to general biomedical concepts.

4 Identify the signs and symptoms, therapeutic effects and adverse effects of common biomedical treatments.

Communicate TCM diagnostic and treatment information for use by other health care workers, and to third parties.

1 Explain patient’s TCM diagnosis and clinical progress using terms that are readily understood by other healthcare professionals.