History of TCM

History of TCM – HIST 1100 (60 hours)

This course explores the origin and growth of the Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) over its history both in China and Canada and its most recent innovations. It gives an overview of the history of TCM and acupuncture, in North America and also worldwide, as well as teaching about famous Chinese medical doctors in different dynasties and famous works.

Xia dynasty
Shang dynasty
Western Zhou dynasty
Eastern Zhou dynasty
Spring and Autumn period
Warring States period
Qin dynasty
Western Han dynasty
Xin dynasty
Eastern Han dynasty
Three Kingdoms
Western Jin dynasty
Eastern Jin dynasty
Southern and Northern dynasties
Sui dynasty
Tang dynasty
Five Dynasties and Ten Kingdoms
Kingdom of Dali
Northern Song dynasty
Southern Song dynasty
Liao dynasty
Jin dynasty
Western Xia
Western Liao
Yuan dynasty
Ming dynasty
Qing dynasty
Republic of China – Taiwan
People’s Republic of China