Herbal Pharmacy

Herbal Pharmacy – HERB 4204  (60 Hours)

Traditional Herbal Pharmacy
This course provides students with the theory and training needed to run a Tradional Chinese Herbal Pharmacy. Students will learn to order and keep inventory of herbs, identify quality of herbs, organize the pharmcy for efficient presciption filling, maintain proper storage or herbs, as well as learning proper cleaning protocols associated with keeping an herbal pharmacy. Lecture time will also be devoted to the laws and regulatons associated with running an herbal pharmacy. Furthermore,issues concerning customer service and ethics when serving patients will be discussed. Students will also continue to familiarize themselve with more than 400 basic herbs during this process.

Topics covered:
Food handling and safety laws and regulations
Laws and regulations governing Traditional Chinese Herbal Pharmacies
Accessing herb quality
Maintain herbs in approprate conditions
Maintain sufficient inventory records
Verification of clear and complete prescriptions
Maintaining clear and complete dispensing records
Establishing appropriate protocols in regards to safely, cleaning, and customer/patient management

Modern Herbal Pharmacy
This course provides students with knowledge concerning recent advancements in herbal technologies. Students will learn about the processes and issues associated with the growth, harvest, extraction, and distribuition of modern herbal formulations and patents. Identification of quality sources of mordern prepatations of herbs will be convered. As well, students will learn to properly prescribe, dose, and utilize herbal extract granulars in a clinical setting.

Topics covered:
Identifying issues affecting quality of herbs
Procuring a quality source of modern herbal preparations
Devising appropriate herbal treatment by combining single herb and formulation herbal extract granules
Dispensing and compouding of modern herbal preparations
Ongoing research, development, and advancements in TCM herbology practice