Foundation of TCM 2

Foundation of TCM 2 – FUND 1202 (60 hours)

This is the second part of the foundation course. Foundation of TCM 2 introduces the body in different ways such as the Eight Principle, Six Stages, Three Burners, Jing Qi Yin Blood. This course will first introduce how these views differ and how it will become pathological. This course will lead into TCM Diagnosis.

  • qi, xue, jin ye, jing, & shen (qi, blood, body fluid, essence, spirit) 氣,血,精液,神
  • ti zhi (constitution) 體質
  • bing yin (etiology) 病因
  • bing ji (pathogenesis) 病機
  • yu fang (prevention) 預防
  • zhi ze (principles of treatment) 治則
  • yang sheng (health preservation) 養生