Diploma of Acupuncture

Diploma of Acupuncture program consists of 6 semesters of full-time study, which is approximately 2 years continuously. Upon completion, your diploma will allow you to attend the PAN-Canadian Examinations. Becoming a registered Acupuncturist in Ontario requires successful completion of the PAN-Canadian Examinations.


Semester 1
Foundation of TCM 1
Meridian and Points 1
Anatomy & Physiology 1
Intro to History of TCM
Intro to Research & Statistics
Acupuncture Technique
Clinic Introduction

Semester 2
Foundation of TCM 2
Meridian and Points 2
Anatomy & Physiology 2
Diagnosis of TCM 1

Semester 3
Herb Introduction
Meridian and Points 3
Neuro Acupuncture
Diagnosis of TCM 2

Semester 4
Internal Medicine 1
Biochemistry, Microbiology & Pathology
Diagnosis of TCM 3
Qi Gong
Clinic 1
Clinic 2

Semester 5
Internal Medicine 2
Intro to Traumatology
Intro to Dermatology
Western Medicine Diagnosis
Clinic 1
Clinic 2

Semester 6
Laws, Ethics and Safety
Intro to Gynecology
Intro to Paediatrics
Business and Management
Exam Prep(Ac)  
Clinic 1  
Clinic 2