Clinic – CLIN 1201/2102/2203/2204/3105/3106/3207/3208 (60 hours)

Practice in a manner that accords patient dignity and reflects patient rights.
Ensure that patient is aware of treatment plan, its benefits and risks.

Ensure ongoing, informed consent.

Respect patient rights to privacy and confidentiality.

Terminate course of treatment when appropriate.

Practice with professional integrity

Practice within limits of expertise.

Modify practice to enhance effectiveness.

Exhibit professional behaviour.

Remain current with developments in acupuncture practice.

Remain current with developments in TCM herbology practice.

Maintain patient records
Ensure complete and accurate records.

Ensure security and integrity of records.

Provide acupuncture treatment.

Adapt clinical setting to enhance comfort and safety.

Position patient for treatment.

Locate selected points on patient.

Apply treatment techniques.

Monitor and respond to patient condition during treatment.

Monitor effectiveness of treatment plan and modify where necessary.

Evaluate effectiveness of treatment plan on an ongoing basis.

Modify treatment plan to enhance effectiveness.

Educate and counsel patient.

Explain etiology and pathogenesis of condition.

Explain TCM concepts as they apply to patient condition.

Inform patient of possible side effects and reaction to treatment.

Advise patient on yu fang and yang sheng (prevention and health preservation)

Counsel patient on compliance with treatment recommendations.