Clinic Introduction

Clinic Introduction – CLIN 1100 (60 hours)

This course is to familiarize the students with clinic procedures. The safety procedures set out by CTCMPAO. Sterilize procedures, and how to setup a sterile field. Clean needle technique. In addition to observation, students assist as appropriate, practicing specific clinical skills such as pulse and tongue diagnosis.

Evaluate patient risk profile.
Determine risk profile relative to acupuncture treatment.
Determine level of risk relative to TCM herbal treatment.
Provide a safe working environment.
Maintain current knowledge of communicable diseases and infection control techniques.
Apply universal precautions for infection control.
Ensure effective supervision of staff and / or students.
Ensure that equipment is safe and functional.
Select equipment that enhances patient safety.
Maintain equipment in good working order.
Clean equipment regularly, and disinfect as appropriate.