Acupuncture Technique – ACUT 1101

This course provides students with theory and practice of needling techniques and adjunctive therapies commonly applied during acupuncture including Moxibustion, Cupping, Guasha and other methods. Students will be guided on how to apply needling and stimulation techniques. They will practically be introduced with needling of commonly used points on the four limbs and applying adjunctive therapies. Manage risks to patients.

Manage adverse reactions and accidents resulting from treatment.

Describe the management of physical harm resulting from needling, moxibustion, cupping, supplementary devices, tui na.

Describe the management of unexpected responses resulting from needling, moxibustion, cupping, supplementary devices, tui na. 

Describe safety precautions in acupuncture treatment to enhance accident prevention. 

Respond appropriately to medical emergencies.

Manage blood-to-blood contact and provide direction for post exposure follow up.

Clean spills of blood and other body fluids.

Control and extinguish small fires.

Perform needling

Perform filiform needling.

Perform needle retraction. 

Perform dermal (plum blossom, seven star) needling.

Perform intra-dermal tack needling.

Perform three edged needling.

Perform moxibustion

Perform direct moxibustion

Perform indirect moxibustion.

Perform needle warming moxibustion.

Perform treatment utilizing supplementary devices

Perform stimulation using heat lamps.

Perform stimulation using electro-acupuncture devices.

Perform cupping

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