Anatomy 1

Anatomy 1 – ANAT 1101 (60 hours)

The first of the anatomy course will introduce the internal organs and functions of the body. We will review the locations of each organ and learn how to palpate the trunk. This course will help students understand the location of each organ of the body and where to be cautions when needling specific location and depth on the trunk of the body.

Human Anatomical Structures

1 Describe basic cell structure and processes.

2 Describe the structure and function of the body tissues.

3 Explain the organization of the body systems.

4 Locate the major bones, muscles, and blood supply of the head, trunk and limbs.

5 Describe the range of joint articulation and the role of major muscles in movement coordination.

6 Identify the areas of the abdomen and thorax and the corresponding internal structures.

7 Identify the surface anatomical structures required to locate acupuncture points.

8 Identify local anatomy of locations at which acupuncture presents an inherent risk of injury.

Biochemical Processes

1 Describe the structures and functions of DNA,RNA, and proteins.

2 Describe the bioenergetics and metabolism of carbohydrates and lipids.

3 Describe the metabolism of proteins, amino acids and nucleic acids.

4 Explain the roles of minerals, vitamins, enzymes and hormones.

Control Mechanisms

1 Explain the primary functions of the body systems.

2 Describe the co-ordination and regulation of the body systems.

3 Describe the role of the control mechanisms in maintaining homeostasis.

4 Relate homeostatic imbalance to common dysfunctions of the body systems.